Witch-hazel: The little shrub with the weird name. Mainly found in North America, the plant is broken down to create the holy grail of all astringents, Witch Hazel. Witch Hazel has an endless number of benefits ranging from oral care to fading stretch marks with prolonged use. I’ve selected my top 10 favorite benefits and uses below!

  1. Restores your skin’s PH which can be disrupted by certain cleansers and treatments
  2. It is a highly effective cleanser and is capable of removing oil, makeup, dirt and dead skin cells
  3. Eliminates the irritating soreness that comes before a pimple
  4. Reduces eye puffiness by rubbing a cotton ball soaked in Witch Hazel around and across your (closed) eyes
  5. Fades annoying acne scars
  6. Smoother looking and feeling skin…the glow!
  7. The anti-inflammatory properties make it the perfect treatment for eczema and psoriasis
  8. Removes extra oil from the skin
  9. Shrinks varicose veins by reducing the inflammation and helping to constrict the blood vessels
  10. Treats sunburn

Have you ever tried Witch Hazel? If so, what are your preferred brands and favorite benefits of the natural astringent? I’ll be sharing my favorite benefits today on my Snapchat —-> TeilerSuperstar



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