My favorite thing about being a girl in love with fashion is that I never feel the need to put myself in a box. I can feel preppy one day, bohemian the next and etc. and that’s perfectly acceptable in my sartorial world. I’ve never been able to answer the question “How would you describe your personal style?” with a single, solid answer…my style is simply ever-changing. Today, I’m feeling most inspired by Japanese street style.

Japanese street style article

What I admire the most about Japanese street style is how completely different it is from all of the other fashion capitals around the world, without trying too hard to be different. It is totally organic, Avant-Garde and bold. And while you probably won’t see me in full on Harajuku, Gyaru or Shibuya, I have been incorporating some Japanese street influences into my looks lately, by experimenting with different hair colors (blue, teal and pink), colored furs and graphic prints.

Japanese street style article1

Which elements of Japanese street style do you enjoy seeing or wearing?

 Japanese street style article (2)

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