eve lom cleanser

The Eve Lom cleanser deep cleans, exfoliates, drains toxins and improves circulation–courtesy of the piece of Muslin cloth that is included with each jar. This miracle in a jar is free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates and was described by Vogue as “probably the best cleanser in the world.”

Additional benefits:
– Deep cleanses without drying or stripping the skin and removes even the most stubborn of waterproof makeup
– Thorough cleansing and gentle exfoliation support natural skin cell regeneration and provides a vital receptive base for beauty products to work at their best
– Decongests and helps drain toxins with the signature massage technique
– Exfoliates, tones, and improves circulation when combined with the specially woven Muslin Cloth
– Softens and conditions the skin
– Provides visible benefits for all skin types

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Written by Teiler

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