Paris-first-skyscraper-1 Paris-first-skyscraper-2 Paris-first-skyscraper-3 Paris-first-skyscraper-4 Paris-first-skyscraper-5Paris has approved the development of the city’s first skyscraper in over 40 years. The triangular shaped tower is by Herzog & Meuron and the plans have been submitted since 2008. The new tower will be named “Triangle 2” and will be 590 feet tall. The tower will include a hotel with 120 rooms, a bar, restaurant, daycare facility and a ton of office space (70000 square meters).

Paris has not had a skyscraper since 1973 and the city residents were not happy with the way it stood out amongst the rest of the architecture. Triangle 2 will be located in Porte de Versailles.

Written by Teiler

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