Been wondering what is on my personal beauty counter this week? Now’s your chance to find out!

1. There probably isn’t a week that goes by that Ruby Woo ISN’T on my beauty counter. Very flattering on most skin tones and the matte texture ensures all-day wear. $16 at | Buy

2. Let’s jump straight to the point…this smells like fish. BUT, it is one of the best peels on the market! Although the smell fades (literally) within seconds, I prefer to use this one at night and wake up to smooth, exfoliated, glowing skin. $95 | Buy

3. A lot of women think that my eyelashes are fake and I promise you, they’re real! This Benefit mascara is PERFECT for taming my long (double row) lashes. $23 | Buy

4. Lack of sleep, long work hours and even the outdoor elements sometimes drain my skin of its youthful glow and brightness, so using this Ole Henriksen helps restore it and moisturizes at the same time. $40 | Buy

5. You don’t need excessive chemicals to cleanse your skin. This soy face cleanser gets the job done and is perfect for sensitive skin. $38 | Buy

6. Mary Kay has undergone a major rebirth! This gel eyeliner is AMAZINGLY smooth and long lasting and very easy to apply. $18 | Buy

Written by Teiler

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