“Hi Teiler, I wanted to know if you could suggest some products for me. I am a male and when I shave my face, I end up with horrible razor bumps that won’t go away…”

This is a common problem for a lot of people, male and female. Those horrible bumps and ingrown hairs can be annoying or embarrassing. However, there are some fantastic products that should help combat those bumps.

First off, do not use alcohol. It can dry out your skin, giving bumps a greater chance of appearing. Using a shaving oil can help your razor to glide across your skin better to prevent irritation. Do not use a dull blade (duh) because that can also irritate your skin. Things like badger brushes can help lift up the hair on your face (or wherever you are shaving) and make it easier for your razor to remove them. Also men, use after shave or an after shave lotion. If you decided on a liquid after shave, make sure it is NOT packed with alcohol. (Women can also use an after shave lotion.)

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Written by Teiler

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